About our company

Cicer is a Canarian brand born in 2014, although it is in 2016 when we showed ourselves to the world with this logo, which was gradually modified until the one we are now wearing.

We focus on the surfing style, clothes with designs inspired by surfing, a more relaxed lifestyle, respect for Mother Nature, her protection and above all, what we like most, the Sea.

In Cicer we are aware of the need to respect nature and therefore we use, whenever possible, ecological or sustainable materials.

Why Cicer? Why Cicer?

We would dare to say that 100% of the surfers of Gran Canaria, and many of the neighbouring islands, have ridden more than one wave in this area of the famous beach of Las Canteras, and that without taking into account the number of beginners who learn or start in this cradle of surfing, that is why, together with our idea of carrying a name with a Canarian seal, which since it occurred to us nothing could replace it.

Mission Statement

Cicer's aim is to be a reference point as a surfing brand in the Canary Islands, to support our young people so that with their determination and hard work they can dedicate themselves to what they like, without having to be limited by distance or economy, to be a sustainable brand and respectful of the environment, our home and to raise awareness about the devastation of human beings in everything they do and the need to take action and balance the scales.

But who we are, who we are, who's behind all this:

I, Omar González, founder and creator of the brand, an entrepreneur with a head full of ideas, a million concerns, a sports enthusiast and a lover of nature.

Mayte; my girlfriend, co-founder of Cicer, mother of my son and entrepreneur. She brings the feminine touch, the advice and the dreamy touch that I have needed to risk on this path.

My parents and sister; unconditional support and those who have instilled in me the idea of... "Why not do it myself??" which has helped me to save on many aspects of the company and those who have helped me in those many difficult moments of setting up all this.

Deriam; the engine of my life and therefore the engine of my dream, which I want to show that dreams come true if you fight for them.

Family and Friends: with your continued support, both in conversations and in spreading the word about the brand in networks and among your friends, we are here.

And YOU, that fundamental piece that gives meaning to everything.